About The Company

TAURUS is a leading group engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Manual Arc Welding Accessories.

Taurus have been serving a wide client base including the Major OEMs in more than five continents and over 30 Countries of the world. Our presence is especially in countries like- USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Gulf Countries, South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia and many more.

The company believes in long-term business relationship with its customers by ensuring competitively priced international-quality products, prompt delivery and personalized services.

We have a state-of-art manufacturing facility at one of the most prestigious locations in India at the Special Economic Zone/Free trade Zone located in Noida (30 minutes from the International Airport of New Delhi) dedicated specially for manufacturing of Electrode Holders, Ground Clamps, Cable Connectors, and other allied products for Manual Arc welding accessories.

With over an area of 10,919 sq mt with covered area 3637 sq mt we welcome here any new Joint Venture or expansion projects.